Install OpenBSD 7.2 on Pine64+ (2Gb)
Hey there,

anyone managed that ?
My Pine64 was taking dust in a box with an old debian distro on it.
Then I decided I could maybe use it if I could put an OpenBSD on it, to replace another machine I have.

Unfortunately it keeps hanging at different points in the install process and is left in such a way that I have to reflash everything again.

To reach that point I overcame the hurdle of using screen appropriately on my mac (found the best info here and here). In short identifying correctly the serial device to use Smile)

Then I was able to check that that page (explaining how to do with an LTS version) applied easily enough to the Pine64+ if taking appropriate files (not those of the LTS Smile)

And now, I'm kinda stuck and it's bugging me.

Note : I tried to follow the instructions from for the PIne64+ but did not quite understand, or they don't work Smile
That paragraph of the arm64 install page :
Firmware which provides an UEFI interface with a Device Tree Blob
(DTB) file or ACPI support is required to boot.  In most cases this is
provided by images of U-Boot 2016.07 or newer on SD/MMC devices or in
SPI flash.  If the miniroot or install images are used, U-Boot and
DTB files are distributed as part of the images.
turned out to be optimistic for example.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
That being said I see this section of the forum is very quiet since 2019 Smile

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