Just saying hello and some of my concerns
Hello members of the pine64 users community,

my order of a "Pinephone Beta Convergence" I made recently is still in progress. I'm also thinking about to buy some additional parts.
I have watched many different reviews with a lot of different opinions and complaints.
But none of them really answered the question if the performance problems could be solved with a GPU Driver which would support Hardware Acceleration of the GPU or if the limits of the Allwinner A64 with the MALI-400MP2 are already reached out with the available drivers.
Indirect people express this way that the A64 with its 40nm structure could have been the the wrong choice for a mobild device because it had a to low performance in general or would get to hot / consumt to much power per performance for that use case.
Additionally I read in this forum something about issues with a decreasing display functionality / destruction related to higher system temperatures and do Both seems to be a problem of manufacturing quality or the use of 2nd class batches.
I would be very happy to get some of your opinions about these things.

Thank your very much.
Performance is fine on my pp, just disable animations and you're good.
As per my signature .. I have tested many distro's and my favourite is still Arch Phosh. It runs the best out of the box. No issues. Might I suggest after installing and setting your device up AVOID doing any updates as these updates at times can have bugs in them. Once you have achieved what you want lock the device down and dont update.
Have fun!
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(11-05-2022, 11:33 AM)slondr Wrote: just disable animations and you're good.
...but don't do this if you are using "Phosh" gui, later versions will crash with disabled animations!
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