Where are the SOQUARTZ discussions?

On the shopsite there is some information on the SOQUARTZ but on the forum and normal website the information is not that clear.

As anyone knows the Raspberry PI's are hardly available and the SOQUARTZ looked like a decent alternative. Be it that I am not a Manjaro fan. (I have it on my pinebook pro as it came shipped with it.) So I was more looking ltowards Debian/Ubunto to run on it and see I could make a study cluster of a number of SOQUARTZ modules on a DeskPi Super6C

Are there more person willing to investigate the options and team up to make that process easier? (I did find some notes out there that seems to indicate it is possible but not exactly straight forward.

Let me know which forum group here matches that the best?

Regards, Hugo.
Hi Hugo,

the Quartz64 category is the best fit for SOQuartz discussions. There's already a thread on the Super6C there.

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