DESIGN ISSUE? Speaker + vibration motor broke for the 2nd time
In chat it was suggested this may only affect certain charges. Has something about the design maybe been adjusted by Pine after all, or is it rather some consistency issue in assembly and I've just had horrible luck getting two affected ones? I've had it happen to two completely different charges twice, so it at least doesn't seem to be limited to a single short run or something.

Would be really nice to hear something on this from Pine. On whether this will be, was fixed, or whether something is known about which phones this affects or doesn't.
(10-09-2022, 02:31 AM)e1337 Wrote: The speaker and vibration motor broke for me after the 2nd time after just about a year. I can't see any obvious damage to the data line (edit: i saw later, see below), but it seems to be a common problem:

So is this design ever going to be changed? I've never had this happen on any previous phone I owned, ever, and some of them I dropped pretty hard, not the few bumps my PinePhones had. If I somehow get this repaired, not that I'd know where since I imagine the average repair shop has no idea about PinePhones, or got a new pinephone replacement, what'll keep this from happening next year?

And a phone without amy sort of indicator for a call when it's in your pocket is somewhat unusable for many people. So it's not like this is a minor issue.

Would be a nice opportunity to step up the robustness and weed out this failure point if you're planning to sell it with a markup and with warranty now.

Edit: chat requested an image, here it is. As far as I can tell, nothing is obviously disconnected, the black cable at the speaker makes an oddly tight turn but I don't think it's disconnected either: [Image: p1.jpg]

I see the same dimples on the flex board speaker connectors as I see on mine. I fixed a couple by tinning the dimpled pads with solder, the other I did that and replaced the piece with the speaker in it all pine phones talking. attached couple pics. Anyone know where you can get the speakers best guess at deminsions 12.2mm x 15.2mm x 2.75mm

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