Dead Board??
So got the board about two weeks ago and am trying to get it to boot. I have the LCD so down loaded the Phoenix card image for the LCD screen. Have Sandisk 32GB microSD I purchased from BH Photo so confident it was not a fake.  Phoenix card runs fine without any issues and installs image no error messages. Put in board power it up and nothing. No screen flicker or anything. The LED on board comes on for about 3 seconds then goes off. Power supply is from Pine64.
Did you select Startup! in the Write Mode field? Otherwise try to write another image with win32diskimager just to test the board via HDMI... for example you can use from lenny's site
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I got it working. I think the WiFi Bluetooth module was preventing initial boot. I unplugged the module, and removed the SD card and powered up the board, turned off, inserted the SD card and it booted fine. After initial boot, shutdown and plugged in WiFi Bluetooth module and it booted fine and I could connect to WiFi without issue.

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