no audio ring on non chatty calls
fresh install on danctnix's phosh Arch image everything works as normal except none chatty notifications.

I have extended the feedbackd config to sound on missed as well as new sms and IM these work as inconsistently.

if the screen is locked and no existing (dino-im in this case) notifications have sounded then the sms sound plays (the screen doesn't turn on)

if I am in different app screen on no sound is played notification is displayed.

if a voice/video call comes through on the app no sound is played regardless of state, visual notification is displayed.

have tested incoming call event with fbcli and chatty both work (chatty also turns on screen).
below is a capture of the dbus event it appears to invoke incoming-call sound but no audio ring is played the screen doesn't turn on.

any ideas where I should look next ?

signal time=1660509632.125137 sender=org.freedesktop.DBus -> destination=:1.90 serial=2 path=/org/freedesktop/DBus;
  string "Dino"
  uint32 0
  string ""
  string "Incoming call"
  array [
      string "default"
      string "Open conversation"
      string "reject"
      string "Reject"
      string "accept"
      string "Accept"
  array [
      dict entry(
        string "sound-name"
        variant            string "phone-incoming-call"
      dict entry(
        string "urgency"
        variant            byte 2
      dict entry(
        string "image-path"
        variant            string "call-start-symbolic"
      dict entry(
        string "desktop-entry"
        variant            string "im.dino.Dino"
  int32 0

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