Stuck with 1234
Hi back,

These last month I was stuck with a Pinephone Pro not working (Manjaro would not update and could not connect to my phone company...)

Today I lokked at it again, installed Tow-boot and flashed Mobian instead - and made my first call.

So far, so good. The funny thing is I can't change Mobian's password (at least from GUI). Whatever i try, the password is not accepted. Should I do this from the command line? Sudo passwd <user>?

You don't even need root privileges to change your own password: 'passwd' is enough.
Thank you, worked. I now have set a root password too. Now with the PinePhone keyboard it's a nano computer...
The keyboard is lacking a -/_ key however, have to combine with the onscreen keyboard. Luckily shutdown now workd.

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