PinePhone keyboard case renders itself brick failing to charge(?), help/input wanted
Due to my phone and keyboard case both discharged to the point of shutting off while I was out on the run for barely a regular day's length. Afterward I ran into some really annoying apparent keyboard case charger bug, where if it's beyond a certain level of discharged, even if it's plugged into a powerful charger it will lead to the phone inside to discharge further because it somehow can't manage to charge itself and the phone properly at that point, at least not in combination. Now I know the charger is adequate, because I ran the phone non-stop on this for durations like a week or more with the phone staying on high charge and the keyboard case also never turning off with the phone actually busy as a hotspot, so the charger obviously can and WILL provide enough power to charge and supply both items at least if the phone isn't on max cpu usage.

So I was hitting above bug where the phone would still discharge in idle even though charged through the keyboard case (and a connected charger!). Last time that happened I eventually gave up on this weirdness and just charged the phone and the case both separately and only then combined them again. This time, a kernel dev was in the PinePhone matrix chat so I thought why not try to collect some useful info first. This of course prolonged this bugged state.

And then, during this, the case just went dead. My only guess is that not only did it mess up bad enough to somehow no longer charge the phone or even provide enough for its idle power, but maybe at the same time also discharged itself further despite being plugged into an up-to-small-laptop 60W rated charger??? This would be pretty disastrous because now it won't even charge again, seemingly, it just doesn't seem to react to anything anymore. It's not getting warm, the phone isn't automatically booting when pressed into the case once it gets its charging connection, it's just acting like a dead weight basically.

What is going on? Also this seems like a pretty severe firmware or charger bug if it actually managed to discharge itself to dangerous levels under these kind of ridiculous circumstances (I mean, the charger was both proven to support it fine in the past and has a ridiculously overspec'ed max rating too, and was non-stop plugged in during this).

I would prefer to not just dump this entire case into the trash and maybe never buy one again since this and other issues have been pretty rampant for me, but I'm not sure what my other options are. Sadly I don't possess any electronics tinkering tools or knowledge. Any ideas?
I tried a whole bunch of chargers, power delivery and "dumb"/plain, and let it sit with no phone in (= no extra draw) for hours with them. Nothing, so I'm thinking it's dead for good. Since this seems like possibly some fundamental charger chip bug, is this going to be looked into?

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