Assembling desktop setup for newbies?
I am thinking about buying a rockpro64, but I would specifically like to set it up as a desktop computer connected to the internet. (It would actually be a bit of a home server, but would probably see most of its use in me typing or programming things within xfce/i3.)

I have experience with the pinebook pro and pinephone so I somewhat know how these computers are put together and boot.
But my big problem is simply knowing what parts I need to order when the information in the shop is very sparse and sometimes doesn't even say what's included and not included.

(I also tried writing to info@pine64, but the person who wrote back did not seem to be well-versed enough in English to understand what my question was.)

I think that logically I probably need to have:
- a computer board
- an emmc?
- a wifi/bluetooth module? (I would mainly use this for things like a bluetooth mouse)
- an enclosure
- a heat sink?
- an AC adapter
- a SATA* ssd adapter? is that even possible, or is it only an NVMe ssd that works? (I do mainly mean inside the enclosure**.)
- an hdmi cable? can it use these? Yes, there is an HDMI port.
- Is there an ethernet jack? (I think so) Yes, there is an ethernet jack.

I would like to know if I may have forgotten any parts or any of these things are actually included with other items.
As well as what parts are shared with the pinebook pro — I'd guess this would mostly just be the emmc, as it looks like there are different specs on the power adapter.

I feel like there probably should have been some kind of "ready to go" store page where you could get the minimum set of parts needed for a desktop the way you could simply order an assembled pinebook pro or pinephone. (or realistically maybe a couple of these for different use cases?)
But the next best thing is a tutorial on what parts go together for what purposes.

(* The only reason I ask about SATA drives is I had a previous server whose main board seemed to be dying, and it would be convenient to simply reuse its drive for the rockpro64 — specifically, I would only need it to be available as storage after boot.
I would not really be upset to find out that in practice it's too much trouble or requires dangerous meddling with the firmware. I would just like to know if it's possible to do and "how hard it is" for everyone's future reference when they think about buying this computer.)

(** This brings in two extra details:
A) computers always have a teeny chance of getting bumped at my house, so I would want an ssd to be protected and secured to the table along with the computer box
B) if it's not impossible to use a SATA drive by the time I've said that, I'd like to know how big the enclosure has to be and if this changes how I would set up a heat sink / fan / any other parts inside the box.)


Confirmed parts

* computer board -
* emmc and/or sd card -
* wifi/bluetooth module -


Edited to add basic facts & confirmed parts 22/6/11.

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The wiki for the NAS case has a nice suggested parts list, the Slackware installation guide recommends a SATA controller with the MZHOU / Marvell chipset  and counsels against using eMMC memory in a live system because they are not robust enough for long term use. 

I went with the NAS case, 4G RockPro64, Wifi card, case fan, tall heat sink, 5A power supply, don't forget a CMOS battery.  I sourced a SATA card elsewhere and will run 2 SATA devices comfortably.  

P=iv  60w=5Ax12v 
Most 2.5" SSD or HDD draw approx 10w peak I don't see an issue. 

I of course will be installing Slackware but your options are wide open.

I have it all assembled, will have install done in a few days hopefully. Smile

ETA: I picked up a 500GB SSD at Wally World for $55- it came with a USB to SATA adapter - BONUS!!

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