How can one change eg25-g modem software?
I have seen references in these threads stating that eg25-g is firmware/software running the modem.  Is this one file or a directory of files? 

My PPP does not find the sim card and make phone calls as it once did.  I have attributed the inability to make calls to a hardware failure of the sd/sim card holder after repeated uses.  Perhaps, as an alternative, the modem software has gotten corrupted and this has stopped sim card calling. SD installed system runs  manjaro-phosh.

I would like to reinstall eg25-g but I don't know where it resides in the phone software.  I don't know where to get a new copy.  I have manjaro-phosh running from an sd card. This allows use of pacman.  I use "snowflake" ssh which provides both a terminal and a gui file manager to manipulate files between PC and PPP or edit files on PPP.

Anyone with any instructions on how to reinstall eg25-g with a fresh copy?

tom kosvic
Install gnome-firmware:

sudo pacman -S gnome-firmware

then run from terminal: sudo gnome-firmware

you get a gui where you can flash the modem... make sure you are connected to a charger

see here:
and here:

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