Color e-ink hack?
I wonder if somebody would come with a hack enabling to fit one of these color e-Ink displays into a PineNote?

The frame rate is obviously still crap to use them for general purpose displays (still no Youtube videos), but I am sure that there are people who would be interesting having some colors:

- In my case I am thinking about reading scientific articles which often includes graphs and plots which use color.
- Another use case for me: taking notes/making correction in a different colour.

(the above don't even require a high fidelity in color reproduction).

- And I am sure some people would be interested in reading comic book on their device.
Having a colour e-ink display is like the one thing I would add/change make optional if I had any say in it!

From my very brief "research" the Pinenote seems to use the same/a very similar screen and casing as the Bigme B1 Max. On top of that they also sell various different versions with colour displays in the same size so the hardware most likely already exists. That being said I could not find a 10.3" colour screen version on the e-ink website (a b&w version is available for purchase), so I'm a bit lost on that end.

I 100% share the same desires and worries (graphs, annotations, syntax highlights for coding) regarding the grey-scale only screen Making it a colour screen would absolutely seal the deal about making the Pinenote my "going to lectures, classes, and places I just want to read in peace and maybe take some notes" PC. I've been looking at a plethora of different options available and so far a potential colour display Pinenote would be my absolute favourite choice.

On top of that, e-readers with colour display truly are superior for when it comes to comics and everything else that is coloured... like nearly every single website ever. I don't think that browsing the web is a main priority/goal of the Pinenote, but given that it's far more capable than a simple e-reader, having colour support would greatly elevate the options of what you could do with it.

On the other hand I completely understand that the colour e-ink display will probably tremendously increase the cost of the Pinenote and I would much rather have a grey-scale model than none/a too expensive one. That being said: if somebody finds a way to (reasonably) replace the screen with a colour one, or even just more details about the screen availability, I would already be very happy.

Regardless of that I'm very excited to see what the future holds for such a cool product.
Hi there,
It seems that color screens have less pure white than black and white screens. In this case, I don't need color until the color technology has evolved. But I never had a color screen in front of me and I hope I'm not talking nonsense
I have seen the latest full-color E-Ink screens in person. They seem to be as pure-white as the black+white and black+white+red E-Ink screens I also saw in person. In other words, there is no discernable tint to the full-color E-Ink screens.

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