Extremely Dim Screen on PPP
I let my PPP battery die completely, and then after I charged it from dead with the RE button the screen was extremely dim. I couldn't even unlock the phone because I couldn't see the on-screen keyboard clearly. I powered it off and put in a micro sd with Mobian on it in and booted it up again and I am pretty sure it turns on, but now the screen is completely black, even when I boot from the emmc. What should I do?
On my Pro Pine phone : Mobian does not give any boot indicators, no boot light or vibration.

But it Does boot, just takes a bit of patience waiting while the screen is black.

On the initial first boot Mobian does re-size the OS to use the whole sd card.
This re-sizing step can take a long time if you are using a very large sd card.

For testing operating systems on both the Pro and the original Pine phones, I use 16 & 32gb micro-sd cards.

While Mobian does still have some known short-comings on the Pro operating systems, it does function.

>> It may help to try in a brightly lit room, I have read here on the forum, that when the screen is un-lit the writing
can sometimes be read in bright light.
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