psa, do not do these on sim and sdcard slots
public service announcement. do not do these, it will harm your pinephone (pro).

like this:
[Image: dontdothis1ss.jpg]
or this:
[Image: dontdothis2ss.jpg]
especially this:
[Image: dontdothis3ss.jpg]
also, this is not a good idea either:
[Image: dontdothis4ss.jpg]

do not put nano-sim on sdcard slot. do not put sdcard on sim-slot. do not put sim-adapter alone on sim-slot. pinephone takes micro-sim.

what kind of an .... something would do something like this!?
Perhaps worth adding to the wiki in case people don't understand the text:

I should probably take a photo for the sticky tape SIM handle. I'd usually put the tape on over the whole back of the sim and adapter, leaving a bit sticking out over the end to make removal easier. Use a tape with a good adhesive that doesn't leave a residue, especially if it's going to be in there for a long time.

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