PP v1.2 VCONN question
Hi everyone!  

I have a PP v1.2, it was a UBports edition but I run Mobian as my main, which is kept fully updated, and a custom minimal Linux that I've been messing with that I boot into from p-boot (Thanks Megi!).  I also have the keyboard case on the device all of the time.  I've read the wiki section about VCONN on the 1.2 board and several posts/videos on how to perform the hardware fix, but I'm not sure this would help with the issue I'm seeing.  I'm able to use things like keyboard and mouse over USB OTG, but it won't detect anything like USB Thumb drives, Ethernet adapters, hubs, etc.  Does the VCONN issue affect that type of device operation or does sink just manage the charging voltages?

Thank you in advance for any help!
- m4xx3d0ut

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