Use PC keyboard and SSH to make PPP changes
It is difficult for me to work successfully on pinephone pro in terminal.  Problem is working with small virtual keyboard.  I make mistakes very frequently.  I found making an ssh connection to pinephone pro from my linux pc is very easy and it gives use of pc keyboard.    Guideline steps below:

on pinephone pro, make sure openssh is installed  ---    sudo pacman -S openssh     I think it is default installed but not sure

on pinephone pro, make sure sshd service is running  -- sudo systemctl start sshd

on pinephone pro, verify that sshd service is running  --  sudo systemctl status sshd

on pinephone pro, run ip to get ip address of pinephone pro which is needed by ssh client -- sudo ip a      note ip for wlano, e.g., 

on linux pc, install ssh client, muon also called snowflake, works well for me in openSUSE leap 15.3.  Has a gui

on linux pc, start ssh client and configure connection .  For snowflake provide a connection name, host ip (pinephone pro ip from above), username:manjaro, (in  my case), pw  (PPP pw), port 22 default works for me.

start ssh connection --  in snowflake access your new connection and then click connect.  Connection is made for me.  I have found ssh automatically connects wirelessly if off lan or connects to pc by wire if connected to pc.

the snowflake gui interface, after connected, has a terminal button. Press that and your pc keyboard will run your phone.  You can use all available linux commandline commands that are available on your system. You can start PPP gui apps from the snowflake terminal and run them from your phone.

I found this make things much easier.  Hope this helps someone.

tom kosvic
On linux pc open a terminal (e.g. Konsole)
type ssh username@phone-ip (e.g. ssh btg@
at the password prompt enter username's pin on the phone
Use of commandline alternative to get ssh connection going is provided above.  Gui additionallly provides a file manager that makes for easy file transfers back and forth.

tom kosvic

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