Would be possible to use a Good diplay DES 10.1" Eink
If I understand correctly there is already an Android 11 eink SDK for Quartz64 model A that is compatible with the eink.com 10.3" eink panel.
So I will first go for that. But I was wondering if it would be possible to connect one of this eink displays:


Actually has the same pin up 40 pins FPC connector. But another Waveform and it has a color filter always on so I guess the resolution is downgraded 3x using color.
I've one of this lying in my studio since months and I could never control it yet since there is no controller yet from Good display. There is only a tablet being sold commercially that is called Reinkstone with the display.

On another topic, I would like to ask if there are any other pointers on how the Eink interface works?
I would love to read about people doing stuff with this, on how the Android version works, refresh rate etc. I've only tried a Hisense eink phone and I'm quite impressed with the refresh rate and usability on UX since I expected it to be much slower. At the same time I'm a bit dissapointed on how color works since it's always a bit pale and frontlight does not help much.

Looking forward buying my first Model A board in the following weeks and start exploring it's possibilities. I'm quite impressed with it so far and it's very cool to see people trying it and the video reviews about them (Some playing games at an impressive framerate)
fasani - You might look at the PineNote, which is a Pine64 e-Ink monochrome 10" tablet device, based on the same SoC as the Quartz64. See this forum for information;


Note that the PineNote is still under heavy development and not meant for the average person to buy & use as an e-Reader or note taker. Perhaps 3 to 6 months from now that may change.
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale
Thanks a lot Arwen for the pointers.
I will wait till end of March, since I'm moving out of Berlin and then I will get a PineNote.
I'm interested to see if I can help with the eink part and also make it available to use alternative eink displays. This epaper I was mentioning has 2232x1680 resolution but I think since has a color filter on top, the real resolution with color is 3x smaller. (Same happens with the eink.com Kaleido displays)

What I still do not understand is how they make full black. But I guess independentaly if the color filter on top is Red, Green or Blue if you cover all the pixel with black, then you will see black Wink But still does not click on my head how they do the grays. I guess big part is played by the software controller and the epaper is just a normal 16 grayscale matrix where the hardware is not aware that has a color filter on top, and the rest is done by controlling it with the right driver.

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