Suggestion: PineTV
(12-30-2021, 02:21 AM)pljanson Wrote: I think a smart TV STICK can be a simple option.

This could be any SBC in a stick format with USB power and HDMI plug (like a chhromcast dongle, firestick, apple TV or mi stick).
If it could boot from uSD it would be briliant. Or have a ethernet beisdes wifi.
I would use it a s media player with kodi /libreelec to content on the NAS.
This would make a smart TV from any HDMI monitor.

To keep dreaming:
- bluetooth receiving to use the TV as player, and bleutooth sending to allow wireless headsets.
- some for of casting (google or apple) (vnc?) to allow remote displaying content (prefereably video content).
- option for some kind of remote control (IR, BLuetooth, Wifi app).

I also think a stick would be a simpler option that might be significantly more viable for Pine to pursue.

However part of my inspiration for this suggestion was the lack of affordable "dumb displays"; monitors being significantly more expensive than a TV, and all decent quality TVs having questionable software (even if you just have to experience it upon booting up the TV before switching over to the "PineTV Stick").

Having the software be integrated into the TV itself would be, IMO, a much more desirable product if the challenges involved could be overcome.

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