Battery Life Indicator Percentage
Hi there! I'm new to using PineAnything. The first product I came across was the phone, and that led me to the watch. I'm not a programmer. I'm using the products purely as a consumer who enjoys open-source products and privacy. I own the PineTime and I just got started using it. I've installed version 1.7.1 and everything seems to be running smoothly. I have a question about the front face screen and the data presented on it. I'm wondering if it's possible to customize the way the battery life is displayed.

Is it possible to have the battery life indicator display a Percentage rather than a visual bar? I've always changed the settings on my phone to show me a number. I like knowing the exact percentage I have so I can judge my time better between charges. For example, knowing with 10% battery, I have (x) amount of hours left before this watch is dead. That's more useful to me than seeing a bar, which only tells me it's low on battery. I know you can go into settings, click battery, and then look at the exact percentage. It's just convenient to have that data right there on the top right of the screen. Like most phones do.
You can find the Percentage in settings.
Two clicks and three swipes to view how much battery you have is not practical. Not sure why electronics have adopted visual battery bars. They don't provide any data. They tell you its low. But how low? Is it necessary to go find a charger right away? How much time do I have? The percentage data is already available as shown in the battery settings. That percentage appearing on the home screen is more useful than being buried in the settings.
it might be better to request the feature here

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