Top of screen and USB port malfunctioning
Pinephone Beta 3GB RAM running Manjaro Phosh from SD card, used as daily driver since April, now has an unresponsive top half of the touchscreen, no charging unless the back cover and screws are removed before attaching USB charger cable, and no input from keyboard attached to dock whether back cover is removed or not. Here is the timeline of events:

* Minor screen cracks appeared after dropping in September, but the phone was still usable. I ordered a replacement screen.

* The screen began turning dim and yellow yesterday with some flickering, so I decided to install the replacement screen that had arrived.

* After removing the motherboard, I used a hairdryer held close to the black adhesive sheet to warm the adhesive for removal. The adhesive was still a bit difficult to remove and I did not notice any visible damage to components as a result of the heat. I noticed that the part of the screen casing under the motherboard was stamped in blue, but only the letters "OT" of this stamp protruded from the upper part of the casing.

* After replacing the screen, but before covering the ribbon cables with the provided black adhesive sheet and before reinserting the battery, SIM, and SD card, I booted into Plasma from eMMC while plugged in to test. The touchscreen seemed to work, including the keyboard, colors looked normal, and WiFi appeared connected. I do not recall whether the top of the screen worked during this test since Plasma's login numbers and app drawer are toward the bottom of the screen.

* Throughout this process, I was careful not to let the thin black cable get over any screw holes.

* After reinserting the battery, SIM, and SD card and replacing the screws and back cover, I booted into Phosh from the SD card. The dim, yellowish screen was back and the top row of numbers on the login screen did not work. Furthermore, the USB charger transmitted no charge when inserted.

* I removed the SD card to boot into Plasma. The part of the screen necessary for login received input. The USB charger still did not work. I used the opportunity to run updates from Konsole and rebooted. During this process, the screen got dimmer. I noticed that the top part of the screen was unresponsive when I reached for the dropdown settings menu.

* I removed the back cover and screws and reinserted the SD card to boot from Phosh. With the back cover and screws out, I inserted the USB cable. It transmitted a charge. I left it face-down charging overnight. In the morning, the phone had charged and the screen had resumed normal coloration, but the top half of the touchscreen was still unresponsive, making login impossible. I had received a text message overnight, as evident from the displayed notification on the lockscreen, and WiFi appeared connected.

* I took out and reinserted the ends of three of the ribbon cables: the one at the top of the phone and the two under the battery. I am not sure whether the thicker one under the battery has ever fit exactly after replacing the screen. It clicks when removed, but not as obviously when reinserted. The phone still does not accept a USB charge while the screws are in and back cover is on and does not recognize input from a keyboard attached to the dock under any circumstances. The top half of the touchscreen still does not work.

*Unfortunately, I had stopped the SSH daemon on the phone a couple of days prior to this.

I would be grateful for any assistance.

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