SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_ID returns invalid values
I'm working on SMBIOS support for the Quartz64, and the CPU reports that it supports the Arm64SocID SMC call.
But it's returning invalid values: 

Jep106 code: 0xFFFFFAE0
SoC revision: 0xFFFFFB18

According to the SMC Calling Convention, the top bit of both should be zero:

SoC_ID_type == 0
JEP-106 code for the SiP
Bit[31] must be zero
Bits [30:24] JEP-106 bank index for
the SiP (see [9.])7
Bits [23:16] JEP-106 identification
code with parity bit for the SiP (see
Bits [15:0] Implementation defined


Bit[31] must be zero
Bits [30:0] SoC revision

How would I go about reporting this problem to Rockchip? I don't know if this is a problem they can fix in their rkbin repo, or if it's a hardware bug.

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