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I get the distinct impression that everyone has shifted their attention toward the PinePhone Pro, but they won't let me buy one ... what the hell?
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@Fred Zyphal it's only available to developers right now. If I remember correctly the release date is Q1 2022.
In the description (, you'lll find:


(Details on the specs.)

This production run of the PinePhone Pro is specifically made for developers. This means that if you received a purchase coupon, you have to be ready resolve any and all software issues on your own. The Explorer Edition, due later this year, will be available for purchase by early adopters.

Developers will need to use a coupon code to complete the purchase.

(Mandatory government conspiracy theory.)
@ryo  and @beta-user  ...

  ... my apologies, I'm fully aware of all that.  My point was the original PinePhone will quickly become a paper weight because everyone is focused on the Pro ... I want one, I want one now, damn it!

... please understand I said that in jest, and am now taking it back  Smile
***   Don't be a minion in the (i)droid army   ***
I am Guessing the "Explorer Edition" is equivalent to the "Brave Heart" in the original Pine phone line-up..?

So expect to see a revised mainboard available for the P.P.Pro about this time next year
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