Audio / Touchscreen - 2 New Stupid Questions
(06-26-2016, 09:06 AM)phloog Wrote: If I attach the touchscreen - - - it sounds like I have a wide connector for the video itself, and a narrow ribbon for the touch

1) Are these ribbons of sufficient length to work with the acrylic enclosure, or should I abandon that bit?  It's fine if not, as I think I'd have a clunky look just laying the screen on the acrylic enclosure.

1b) Are there / Can I use some kind of short (under 12") EXTENSION CABLES for either/both of these ribbons?

but more importantly...

2) Does the touchscreen have SPEAKERS that work with Android...if so I'm assuming that this is carried by the wide ribbon connector?  If I install the touchscreen Android build, will I have audio through the screen, or do I need to do some other connecting?

2b) Is there something I have to do in SOFTWARE to get audio to work (drivers, etc.)?


1. We try to optimize the cable length for EMI purpose. You can adjust the LCD cable lenght due to their is an adapter in middle.
2. Speaker connector located at Euler bus.
3. This depends on your application, driver, and OS.

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