Chatty stop receiving SMS

My Chatty for some unknown reason has stopped working, no message has been received since it stopped receiving messages. After rebooting, the problem still persisted. When the SIM Card was placed in another device, such as Samsung Galaxy s7, it can receive and send message normally, I double check with the phone service provider, nothing was wrong from their SMS service. Phones and contacts working without a problem, I can dial and view contacts.

Is there any good way to remedy Chatty to make it work again? What could be blocking it from working?

Anything helpful are much appreciated.

Device: Pinephone 3GB/32G
Try this:
(11-04-2021, 06:10 AM)Nooblife Wrote: Try this:

Thank you for the reply.

Following the forum post, I have successfully getting SMS again.

If I have understand this correctly, ModemManager seems to have been "FULL" and therefore it "refused" to receive any further new messages.

I found out the message numbers using "sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-list-sms" and deleted those messages using "sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-delete-sms={80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89}", Chatty is now able to receive message again.

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