Where to find releases information
I've been using my Pinephone for my daily driver. As long as I get my calls and texts pretty reliably, I'm ok with various bugs. I understand this is beta software. But I would like to read about releases before I install them. I've got manjaro phosh. The update that was released last week is much buggier than the previous release. My phone is freezing too much for reliable usage. Where can I get information about releases before I install them?
Manjaro announces their beta releases on their forum, so as long as you stay on the stable channel, you can get info and read experiences from other users about an update there. Otherwise the bug trackers of the various distros are a good place to see what issues may be present (Majaro's e. g. can be found here, you can filter further by desktop environment). If you do experience issues and they are not listed as an issue, please consider opening one. Problems can only be worked on if they are known.

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