New App: QR Alchemy RC2 available
Hello Everyone!

If I'm posting this to the wrong place please let me know.

I'm currently working on getting a new app available on Mobian: QR Alchemy

I believe it to be ready for release from the testing I have done. However, I'd like to enlist the help of other interested parties. It's current version is 0.2.0rc2

What does it do?

It allows the creation and processing of qr codes. Thus allowing programs like megapixels to handle more qr code types. However, it is not a qr code scanning utility (it won't try to use your camera in any way).

Offers the following features:
  • Allows system to handle new types of qr codes with default settings. Currently supports:
    • Wifi
  • Allows the users to generate and display their own qr codes to share with friends such as:
    • Your current wifi network credentials
    • A custom code written by you
  • Supports creating plugins to allow you to handle your own qr code types via input plugins
  • Supports creating plugins to display custom qr codes via output plugins
  • Allows the offering of the custom defined codes to the system to allow for programs to send the requests to qr_alchemy.
  • Allows the saving of qr codes for later, as well as a brief history of the ones used.

Why was this created?
I've wanted a way to easily share the wifi passwords with cell phones, as I tend to pick long complex passwords that are painfull to enter on a cell phone keyboard. Thus I've wanted a way to share said password easily with guests, as well as quickly share said wifi passwords with my wife's cell phone.
However since creating a program that just handled wifi seemed a bit too specialized, this was created. The idea being that others likely can think of a wider variety of things that they'd like to share in the form of qr codes, and to enable them to do so more easily with this program.

I few things people have mentioned to me that I plan to look into adding:
 * A way to share other keys
 * Sharing contact information

github page:

This is my first attempt at offering code to open source (unless you count a qr code postprocess script for megapixels), and my first attempt at a gui so please be nice Smile

I'm open to feedback on it as well as contributions to the project. If something code or program, documentation doesn't make sense, please let me know as that means It needs improvement.

It almost certainly has issues with it, especially since I've never created something like this before.
Thank you all for taking a look!

edit: Put out rc2, as apparently I needed to do more testing on the phone than on my laptop. Fixed icon for the back button not loading in the config menu, and dialogs not returning to the correct window under phosh. Everything else looked ok

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