13.3" Version
does anyone know: will there be a 13.3 version?
Maybe even with a color display, to be an par with other competitors?

As I am getting older, my eyes get worse, most of the stuff I read
are pdfs formated in A4 single column and I mostly use zotero for work,
which is essential for me to run on the device (which is the reason why I am bound
to non e-ink tablets so far Angel)

so for me its

linux (everything else is useless for me) > 13+" = usable size > color (would make the device future proof for me > refresh rate (as seen in other actual ereaders, who can display videos and play games on them, the least necessary item for work, but most eye pleasing for sure)
Approximate format sizes in inches:

A5                      ->        5.8 x 8.3
A4 (double A5)   ->        8.3 x 11.7
MANGA             ->        5.0 x 7.5
Double MANGA ->        7.5 x 10
USLETTER        ->        8.5 x 11    

EINK 10.3 3:2     ->        5.7 x 8.5
EINK 13.3 3:2     ->        7.4 x 11.1

I get that 10 inch eink screen are (a lot) cheaper than 13 inch ones. However, A4 size is SO MUCH more useful as paper document replacement.... which is what eink was meant to be in the first place.

10.3 inch is not usable for:
OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS (A4/letter) -> Unreadable text. This also applies to papers, especially technical, for unreadable tables and drawings.
MUSIC SHEETS (A4 & similar) -> Unreadable music notation
DOUBLE PAGE MANGA -> Double drawings
SERIOUS (university lectures) NOTE TAKING -> this might be a matter of preference but I have never seen people taking notes on paper smaller than A4/letter

13.3 inch mainline linux eink would be such a game changer
Hope to see one too someday  Smile

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