Megapixels 1.3.0 - colors feels wrong
Hi all,

I'm on Manjaro with Plasma Mobile on a pinephone rev 1.2. Just updated to the latest testing branch and got the Megapixels 1.3.0.

Since then colors in images feel way off.

I dug around a bit to find the difference in the postprocessing script.

The change seems to occur around line 76 of /usr/share/megapixels/

convert "$MAIN_PICTURE.$TIFF_EXT" -sharpen 0x1.0 -sigmoidal-contrast 6,50% "$TARGET_NAME.jpg"

where Martijn added the "-sigmoidal-contrast 6,50%" argument.

The specific git commit (from a day ago) is linked here

Unfortunately I cannot understand his reasoning for this as it feels like the images look somewhat worse.

Here is a sample image converted from the raw .dng using the convert command without sigmoidal contrast (as in megapixels 1.2.0):

[Image: IMG-sharpen.jpg]

And here is the same .dng converted using the same arguments as used in 1.3.0:

[Image: IMG-sharpen-sigmoidal.jpg]

If you want to revert the change, I was able to edit the file and remove the new sigmoidal argument and things are back to normal.

Feel free to edit or mention how I should edit my post, this is my first post here! Big Grin

Hope I was able to help someone!

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