Working with Fito Track
I saw a post in the telegram group that the watch is working with the Fito Track app, but can't find it now.

Anybody know how and what is working?
(09-04-2021, 02:56 AM)Glockdoc Wrote: I saw a post in the telegram group that the watch is working with the Fito Track app, but can't find it now.

I tried to get the PineTime working with the Fito Track app but it refuses to connect/read data from it. Maybe it needs some newer version of the app or something?

From the latest update:

Quote:It can also connect to BLE heart rate monitors to record your heart rate while you’re doing sports. The good news is that it implements the Heart Rate Profile standardized by the Bluetooth SIG, the very same protocol InfiniTime implements to expose heart rate data to the companion app. This allows FitoTrack and Infinitime to work together out of the box without needing any further work on either project. If you were looking for some motivation to exercise this is probably welcome news.

I cannot get it working for the life of me. My experience is that it is not plug and play as they suggest.
@Glockdoc I did retry the connection and actually got it working. I have to:

* Disable GadgetBridge from auto-starting from within the app

* Force stop GadgetBridge

* Turn off bluetooth and location

* Restart the PineTime by holding down the main button

* Open Fito Track and force it to turn on bluetooth and location services from the app (seems to be important to stop the phone from taking over these devices)

Then and only then will it connect for me. For my efforts, I get to record some almost correct values:

We'll get there eventually!

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