HDMI Input
(12-16-2016, 10:31 AM)scanff Wrote: This would be nice.  

Firstly does anyone know the maximum speed of the CSI pclk? I'm wondering how and 8bit CSI can do 1080p/30fps?

I read over the A64 user manual there is conflicting data - it refers to a 4 lane MIPI CSI but from what I can tell it's an 8 bit CSI 1 input.  It maybe possible to use a HDMI to TTL board like one Adafruit sells, but I believe that is 24bit.  If 4 channel MIPI CSI is available then HDMI IN is possible as they are both similar signals - differential pairs.  

I've looked over the user manual and datasheet it's vague in many areas.  Are there other resources for the A64 CSI interface?


the 4lane MIPI should be DSI. The CSI is parallel bus type and support up to 5Mpixel which is higher than 1080p resolution. However, I don't think it is possible to use as HDMI input. If works, please lets us know. You can review CSI camera spec at Pine64 wiki site.

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