Article: PineDio Stack BL604 RISC-V Board: Testing The Prototype
What's it like to create firmware for the brand new PineDio Stack BL604 RISC-V Board? Read on to find out!

PineDio Stack BL604 RISC-V Board: Testing The Prototype
Thanks as always for a great write-up Smile

Who is the PineDio Stack aimed at?

One idea: That display looks pretty similar to the PineTime... Would be awesome to have a PineTime with WiFi!

Another idea: This is the ground work towards a PineCom/LoRa device?
Thanks! I believe JF is doing really cool things with PineDio Stack right now. Stay tuned :-)

I'm keen to find out: What would you create with PineDio Stack?

I hope to write more on the topics that will interest PineDio Stack devs. Thanks :-)

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