Encrypted ZFS as root filesystem

I love ZFS and all of it's features, so much so that I practically use it on everything I own, in some form or another.
Snapshots, compression, encryption and replication are some really great features that no other file system has (ignoring btrfs, because that one lacks RAID support for reliable backups).

I wanted to use it as a root filesystem for my pinephone, since Debian allows you to use it as root filesystem just fine.
I got it installed using DMKS, set up a zpool on a partition next to boot, edited the kernel parameters (root=ZFS=rpool) and it boots up just fine (did not expect that to be honest).

Now, my issue lies with encryption and the initrd.
If I use cryptsetup for encryption, I get an error that my zpool can't be found (makes sense - cryptsetup has to load the device first, but it seems ZFS tries to load the pool before asking for the password).
And if I use zfs native encryption, I get prompted for the password, but no on screen keyboard is displayed...

So, it seems like an issue in the initrd. Has anyone gotten something likes this to work already?

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