Armbian on the PinePhone
I have successfully run Armbian on the PinePhone. It actually runs quite well. Aside from minor glitches, everything works. Even the modem started! 

How to do it:
1. Get the kernel modules and kernel of your currently installed OS. Also get the U-Boot bootloader for the PinePhone.
2. Get an image of Armbian for the OG Pinebook and write it to the emmc/SD. 
3. Write the U-Boot image to the SD Card/emmc.
4. Replace the kernel of the installed Armbian image on the emmc/SD with the one you got from your installed OS.
5. Add the kernel modules that you have to the /lib/modules directory of your Armbian image.
6. Reboot the PinePhone and it should boot into Armbian. Do not upgrade the kernel from apt unless you are going to replace it again.

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