Hello all!

I can't help but notice that WebGL doesn't work on any browser that I tested. Is this a Mobian thing, a browser thing, a PinePhone thing, or a settings thing? Do we know what the roadmap looks like?

Hi again, all! After some investigation, I've found that WebGL *can* work, but it is spotty, site-dependent, and browser-dependent. For example, epiphany is able to see a spinning cube on this WebGL test site: http://get.webgl.org/ but Firefox ESR is not.

Both epiphany and Firefox ESR are able to see the randomly red or blue square under the heading "Proof it's a dynamic image" on this page https://spicyyoghurt.com/tutorials/html5...anvas-game

Firefox ESR is not able to see the Mandelbrot set in this implementation, but epiphany renders about half of it, poorly: https://gpfault.net/junk/mandelzoom/index.html

Neither epiphany nor Firefox ESR are able to see the Mandelbrot set, even at one hundredth resolution and set to 10 iterations, on this page: https://multivac.space/content/webgl/web...index.html

This is all to give some more data, but the question still remains: Do we have any resources describing the current state and roadmap of WebGL implementation on the PinePhone?

Thanks again for your attention

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