KDE Manjaro CE screen locker broken
after an update few days ago. I've restarted a phone and now I get screen locker broken message on screen, and attaching a monitor and keyboard I'm able to login to shell.

journalctl error messages shows me some some coredump errors with qt5 conflicts and glibc. And I find it a bit too hard to find any information on this as this is so complicated based on that where I should exactly ask about it freenode channel is gone but even there they just claim it's all about KDE plasmamobile being just GUI and some other distro specific issues its not their issue.

Then which forum/communication channel is about this ?

I find manjaro itself being heavily bearable distro.

Thing is that GUI updater is often broken and I did my updates via

pacman -Suy

I had similar broken kde plasma locker issue in slackware-current which was solved with

slackpkg install-new

now this phone is unusable and I'm having very hard time about these manjaro/arch specific things as I'm not an user of these distros even for computers.

My guess would be just to distrohop in some fashion.

But maybe someone had this issue and solved this ?

Currently based on this docummentation I'm switching to unstable and doing full upgrade. At least something is being done few times per day there

Even if not instantly, this issue was resolved with an upgrade but I'm on current branch now. It was indeed broken by their upgrade and havent been quickly fixed by "stable" branch. And running -current is a bit tiring, but at least quicker upgrade response

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