PineA64 Cooling Fan and Initial Thoughts Post
(06-17-2016, 05:51 AM)janeku Wrote: Interesting,
I also planned to mount either heat sink or heat sink with fan.
Because I will receive (I suppose) ABS or Acrylic case, i plan to install fan on it, drilling small holes for stream of air from cooler to CPU.
Is it more safe to pull out voltage from PIN's or direct to power it from external power device ?
What is grey wire comming out from breakout board and goes to Pine board ? Thermal sensor or else ?
I am not total amateur with electronics but any help is good in making this small project of mine (when time comes, of course).

Hi, you should be able to supply a fan from the board with 5V for example if it fits the overall power budget and doesnt inject interference back into the board's supply rail (fans have pwm controllers built in that can cause issues sometimes).  The grey wire coming from your breakout is the Wifi/BT patch antenna. You want to mount the end of it as far away from the board as possible and metal objects. If you dont like that antenna, you can look for other 2.4Ghz Wifi/BT antennas with U.FL connectors (they are used in most mobile devices...). Do not operate the wifi module without antenna attached since that can damage the RF amplifiers if the AGC is slow to reduce TX power...
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