LuneOs Questions

I have a few questions that I hope that the community might be able to answer. 

I have had difficulty finding info on LuneOS. The webos-ports wiki is useful, but I was wondering if there is a community outside Pinephone forums where I can find more information or ask questions? Does anyone know an alternative? The github for the Luneos Pinephone build seems to have outdated info. For example, it states that wifi doesn't work, but wifi works on my Pinephone, so that is not up to date. 

My other question is regarding preware2. It doesn't work on my pinephone. I am assuming that it doesn't function yet. Can anyone verify that it doesn't work and isn't just my build that isn't functioning?

Also, the system reports in terminal that the linux version is LuneOs. Does anyone know which flavor of linux is running the pinephone version? Most versions are android based, but the pinephone build is linux? 

I get that this is niche OS and there probably isn't many folks working on it, but I I think the base UI works really well on the Pinephone. I am hoping that I can edit and fix from the phone itself instead of an external build.
(06-06-2021, 09:53 PM)rocket2nfinity Wrote:
Thank you. I am familar with webos-ports, but I was not aware of the forum. Thanks for the link.

You can find information about webOS on the webOS Archive server.

We chat on Discord, which has a channel for LuneOS support - the developers are there.

The webOS Nation forums closed at the start of the year. With a little notice of the closure, many of the pages were copied to the Internet Archive. We have just set up a replacement: webOS Lives forums. They are pretty empty at the moment, but there is a section for LuneOS.

LuneOS is now based on the current development of LG's webOS: Open Source Edition, using the mobile interface of webOS.

LuneOS can be deployed on Android hardware with unlockable bootloaders, by putting it on top of a minimal Android base (such as Halium mainly for the HW drivers) or it can be deployed on open hardware as a pure Linux distro (e.g. on the Pinephone).

The original webOS tablet, the TouchPad could be dual-booted with Android and ironically, the availability of these drivers enables LuneOS to run on the TP.

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