Could pulseaudio be replaced with pipewire?
On Debian Bullseye, pipewire can already be installed and configured as a drop-in replacement for pulseaudio. I have done this on my laptop and I appreciate the ease of configuring pipewire for high-quality Bluetooth audio (LDAC).

Unfortunately, on Mobian the pulseaudio-module-bluetooth package – which must be removed in order to use pipewire as a drop-in replacement for pulseaudio – is a hardcoded dependency for all of the various PinePhone-specific packages. Is this really necessary, or is it worth filing a bug on Mobian's tracker to make also pipewire capable of fulfilling this dependency?
I'd file a bug report against the pinephone-specific packages as it's going to become necessary sooner or later. Whether it'll Just Work is another matter, but there's only one way to find out.
Manjaro is already trying this out and there don't seem to be big problems, so it should probably work on Mobian too.
You don't have to remove pulseaudio from your system, you just have to disable pulseaudio, and enable pipewire-pulse. pipewire should already be installed on mobian because xdg-desktop-portal depends on it. You may need to install spa module to use bluetooth audio.

Here is my setup:
sudo cp /usr/share/doc/pipewire/examples/systemd/user/pipewire-pulse.{service,socket} /usr/lib/systemd/user/
sudo touch /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/with-pulseaudio
sudo apt install pipewire-audio-client-libraries libspa-0.2-bluetooth

systemctl --user daemon-reload
systemctl --user mask pulseaudio.service
systemctl --user enable pipewire-pulse.service pipewire-pulse.socket

sudo systemctl reboot

I tested my setup on mobian unstable and it kind of worked. Bluetooth headphone with A2DP worked. feedbackd becomes crazy (random vibration and ringing. Lots of error log.)
HSP/HFP and aptx does not work with my headset probably because the package in debian is too old.

Debian specific manual is installed at /usr/share/doc/pipewire-audio-client-libraries/README.Debian
(05-26-2021, 11:52 AM)awaittrot Wrote: You don't have to remove pulseaudio from your system, you just have to disable pulseaudio, and enable pipewire-pulse.

The Debian wiki's Pipewire article says that "At minimum, you will need to install the libspa-0.2-bluetooth package, remove the pulseaudio-module-bluetooth package..."

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