How to turn off charging when PP is connected via USB?
If I have a PP connected to a weakly charged laptop, it would be useful to turn off the charging of PP batteries while maintaining data transfer. How to do it?
I was actually wondering the same thing but it hasn't been enough of a concern for me to look it up.

I was thinking of configuring the voltage to a lower minimum as described by dsimic's post in this thread If it can stop the phone from charging to 100% surely it can stop it from charging all together? At least while it's connected via USB using a udev rule.

I keep my phone connected via USB a lot to SSH into it and I've been wondering the affect this might have on the battery constantly being trickle charged, so I'd like to be able to stop it from charging too but not enough to accidentally destroy the battery LOL.
# echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-usb/online
(thanks @megous)

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