Support for 802.15.4 (6LoWPAN & Zigbee)
Good to hear that you are looking at supporting IEEE 802.115.4 interfaces. However, in looking at the spec sheet for the TI CC2530, this chip does not seem appropriate for a Zigbee coordinator or a 6LoWPAN device because it has only 8KB of RAM. This would be fine for a network where there a just a couple of other devices, but for a modern home or an office building, there will be 10 to 250 devices whose state will need to be held in RAM, plus the buffers that you will need. The ATmega128rfa2 has 128KB of flash, 16KB of RAM, and 8KB of "EEPROM" (persistent storage, say, for keying material). The ATmega256rfr2 has twice the flash, RAM, and EEPROM. More than likely, chips with similar specs are available from other vendors. For example, the TI CC2538SF23 has 256KB of flash and 32KB of RAM and supports both Zigbee and 6LoWPAN.

So, bottom line, please make choose a chip that has the resources so it can be used in a "working" (and not "demo") network environment.

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