USCellular network
I purchased the Manjaro Pinephone without going into a USCellular store first and low and behold, it didn't work when I tried about 5 months ago.  Are there any plans to expand to USCellular's network.  It is a midwest company that isn't huge by any means.
I recently bought a Pinephone and found that T-Mobile is the only major carrier that permits the Pinephone on their network. Verizon does not permit the Pinephone on their network and it appears that AT&T does not permit the Pinephone on their network. This information is current as of May 2023. I got this information from Tracfone who is a reseller using carriers Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. They said that T-Mobile is the only carrier that permits the Pinephone. This limitation extends to resellers. I do not know what carriers USCellular uses, but if T-Mobile is not one of them, then you cannot use their service with the Pinefone.
Primarily AT&T

Red Pocket is the only AT&T mvno that still allowed the Pinephone that I am aware of. I have not heard anyone saying At&t put an end to that. So, maybe try them.

US Mobile does allow the Pinephone using Verizon or T-mobile. They control their allow list last I recall. But, you do have to register with a Verizon approved phone to activate a SIM card

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