Daily Driver OS? Which one is at this point in time
I bought a UBports edition Pinephone many months ago and it was not a daily driver, nor was it something I can depend on for my needs. Fast forwarding to late April and I have the beta edition of the Pinephone with Manjaro on Plasma OS. So far It has a number of issues as well. What I want to know is which one of the OS's is the closest to a Daily Driver?
Im not a programmer so I don't want to keep troubleshooting a phone all the time with stuff Im not comfortable with.
I expect you to know by now that the "daily driver" definition is different for each user. And that the OS closest to such status will also be hotly debated. Have you searched other recent topics on the forum? I'm sure I've seen a few.

Personally I settled on Mobian (on an upgraded UBports CE) because I'm familiar with the apt package system, and I like GNOME. I've been using my Pinephone as main phone (with SIM card) for about 3 weeks. IMO it's more ready than Manjaro Plasma Mobile (which I also have). Quite honestly I'm puzzled by that choice of OS for the Beta Edition. I understand that PINE64 has a close partnership with Manjaro, but I think they should have settled on Phosh instead.
I bought the Mobian 3GB CE. I've tried a number of others and keep my favorites on SD cards that I pop in, boot and update, in order to see how they are going. I've run Ubuntu on my desktop for a long time, so I'm familiar with Gnome. But, I've been fond of KDE for many years and periodically return to that (I've switched OSs over the years, sometimes MacOS is my primary system, sometimes FreeBSD, usually Linux and I've been know to use Windows ;-). So, I really wanted Manjaro Plasma Mobile on this phone and I switched to Manjaro KDE Plasma on my desktop. But, I keep returning to Mobian because it's the furthermost ahead. I switched my desktop back to Ubuntu.

This phone is not quite my daily driver. When group MMS is available and easy to install (or is installed by default), then it will be my daily. My Google Fi nano SIM card is very easy to move around between my phones (PP, Android, iOS), so when group MSS lands, the SIM goes in and that's it. Smile

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