AutoRotation is backwards? (Manjaro+KDE PlasmaMobile)
The display of the pinephone is fine in Portrait mode, but when I rotate the phone to Landscape in either direction, the display rotates the opposite direction resulting in the display being upside down. This has been an issue for me since I first flashed Manjaro+Plasma Mobile on this phone when it was announced that would be the default configuration for future phones. I was hoping checking for updates would fix this, but no dice. Is anyone else having this issue?

I also have Mobian+Phosh flashed onto a SD card, but that does not even have auto-rotation, so I cannot replicate the issue there.

UPDATE: I re-flashed and autorotation works just fine now. I guess that might be the answer to some things until the whole ecosystem is a bit more stable.

Also, there's a 1st time setup that's super slick now. I like it!

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