Small Ceph Cluster
    For a long time I have wanted to build a small but highly available piece of storage.

The RockPro64 has finally allowed me to achieve this and, as a bonus, quite neatly using some Sun F80s I managed to get off ebay.

I'll write a full tutorial later, for now I just wanted to share the achievement.

[Image: baddass1.jpg]root@ceph2:~# ceph -s
    id:    e86bf5ce-cd1e-4449-8051-dc1b45ed0ead
    health: HEALTH_OK

    mon: 3 daemons, quorum ceph1,ceph2,ceph3
    mgr: ceph2(active), standbys: ceph3, ceph1
    osd: 12 osds: 12 up, 12 in


Happy days Smile

[Image: baddass1.jpg]
hi, thanks for posting about your project Smile
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