x86 replacement?
(04-06-2021, 10:10 AM)guenther Wrote: Thank you @dukla2000 for sharing your experience.

Well, I use a PineTab several months now, so I'm over all aware of the SW limitation on ARM...

My question is just related to the performance and how close the RockPro will come to my x86. It's not that I want to replace my Lenovo necessarily, but I think about what to do when it reaches it's EOL. (What is hopefully not so soon) Cool

I would like to stay away from the "big players"  like Intel, AMD, Apple and so on with all the back doors and blobs, e.g. "Intel Management Engine", to name just one.
  I develop intensively (and almost exclusively) with my rockpro64 SBC (although I also have a MacBook and an i7 Linux) and it works rather well. My remarks and return on experience
- running the last Armbian distribution with very light desktop interface
- with ssd nvme boot
- using an ATX power unit (very stable voltage) because I have a cluster of rockpro64
- no need of fan
- the system is stable, it rarely freeze
- Google ([Image: cn0r8ZYcohHy6RJveNrwNmyuvqzypEPaS2W4CYvb...qyjP_-FRPS]) suite works well 
- as said dukla2000 when crypto is needed, it is a little slower
- some web sites with extensive widget and adds are sometime long to load
- pages are not as fast and reactive as i7 but it is ok (depending on your character, it may be a showstopper)
- video is ok (my screen is HD)
- simple image processing is ok
- game : extreme tux racer works very well
- sound somewhat weak and could be better
- network with wire is good but I don't know about wifi
- ignorant of how to configure suspend mode
- fulfill 95% of my needs
- I made some benchmark. But I am not sure that it has a meaning (it is like comparing a baby cat with a tiger). Let's compare it with the i7-3630QM @ 2.40GHz

2018        2012
                        RP64        i7-3630QM  ratio
Integer Math            17494.4     18612      1.0638833
Floating Point Math     3853.82     9436       2.44847969
Find Prime Numbers      5.19        24         4.624277457
Random String Sorting   4.6519      12         2.579591135
Data Encryption         304.22      1434       4.713694037
Data Compression        8.5         79.9       9.4
Physics                 112.39      417        3.71029451
Extended Instructions   561.1       3476       6.194974158
Single Thread           532.27      1687       3.169444079

This is a benchmark test by passmark. I think that integer math ops are more often than floating point
(all numbers are values/s and the ratios have some meaning because the values are additive)

Hope it helps.


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