I just ordered a pinephone.

I am wondering, once some of us have to start having to physically go to meetings, could I simultaneously use my pinephone as a wifi hotspot to connect my employers Windows laptop to the Internet, and simultaneously export applications from the pinephone to xming on said laptop?

If so then that would be epic

My employee laptop is rather locked down, but apps that they do allow me to have on it are putty and xming.

If I could do that then I could have my own email and personal web browsing apps exported as individual windows on the Windows laptop all mixed up with the work applications and no one would notice.

For the situations when I am at the company office and therefore on the corporate LAN I am thinking of writing a program that tunnels X11 over serial.  I was thinking of connecting a Pi to the laptop with a back to back FTDI null modem (I have one).  I would need a program that opens a listening deamon pretending to be an X server on the PI and a program that pretends to be a number of X clients on the laptop which would connect with xming, with the two programs connected by serial.  Maybe this could work on the Pinephone as well but I need to write this program.
Sharing the internet connection via wifi shouldn't be a problem, but it seems xming has a proprietary license? Do they have arm64 packages?
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I want to run xming on the Windows laptop and run a program on the pinephone and have said program display over wifi on the xming server that displays on the Windows laptop.

The xclient apps on the pinephone -> wifi -> xming xserver on Windows
It seems plausible, at least for apps that can use X, since forwarding over ssh via wifi works. The main sticking point is that most pinephone OS images are using Wayland, so you often have to set an environment variable to get the app to start using X instead of Wayland, and the variable to set usually depends on which toolkit the app is using.

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