I have a plan to use my Rock64 to host an OwnCloud/NextCloud instance.

In order to accomplish this, I would need to beef up the storage. I happen to have a spare SATA drive that is a SSD.

Would the Rock be able to power the SSD a USB3 to SATA cable or would I need an explicit power supply for it? Has anyone similar experiences or knowledge to share?

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You might be interested in this thread, there is a lot of good info there about using sata drives with the rock64

I believe the rock64 usb3 port is rated at 950ma - - I haven't used the usb3 port to power sata drives personally though.

I have a rock64 + 4 disk usb3 icybox enclosure running (externally powered) and I haven't had any problems related to the drives.
That's helpful @aog thanks. I'll try a simple usb3 powered enclosure for now. What's your icybox running, a NAS?
there will be no peace when they release the geese

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