Cap Error or Bad Memory
I'm not super familiar with the low level boot sequence of the rockchip or how DDR initialization works, but that looks like it's probably output from the Rockchip miniboot version of idbloader.bin. (loader_1)

loader_1 is in change of initializing memory, at which point execution returns to the bootrom embedded into the rockchip, which then loads loader_2.

With this failing during RAM initialization rather than at access to a specific location of memory, I'd guess the memory module has failed, rather than only a region of the memory being bad. Overall I doubt it's a capacitor on the board, as the CPU and the memory are directly connected, I don't see any capacitors involved there. All but the last log attached looked like a failure before returning to bootrom and loading loader_2.

You could write a SD card that contains an image that uses a u-boot TPL instead of miniloader during initialization (You may need to disable SPI flash if it's loading loader_1 from there ) and see what the output of that is, but I don't expect that would provide anything useful. Doing so could however provide a chance to possibly play around with adding some debugging statements to the code in u-boot at `drivers/ram/rockchip/sdram_rk3399.c`, and playing around with that in various ways if that's something you would find entertaining.

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