Gnome Shell / GDM recommendation + q's

This weeknd I've finally got round to trying Gnome Shell instead of Phosh, and now I just wish I'd tried it months ago. I don't have to enter the PIN every time I switch the screen on, I can see my desktop, it's usable at 720x1440 and it's so much more configurable.

The only obvious issue I've noticed (and it's not that big a deal), is that there's no 2G/3G/4G indicator, no mobile signal strength indicator and indicator for mobile data. Does anybody know a way to do this (without having to try and write my own extension)?


P.S. If anybody else is using Gnome Shell and has any tips/tweaks then please let me know. Can't say that the on screen keyboard bothers me that much, but it could certainly be better.
Yes, it's nicer than phosh but a bit heavier on resource usage. Main problem is that default keyboard. Switch to x11 and use onboard as an alternative. Turn off the animations and workspaces if the gnome tweak tool still allows it.

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