ayufan kernel update unbootable
Hi I tried to update my old installation of a ayufan release but i cant boot the new kernel
I get 
initramfs: unpacking failed: invalid magic at start of compressed archive
on the serial console when I install kernel-5.9.0-1145-ayufan-g06dd9f4106b4 or kernel-5.9.0-1146-ayufan-gab09e252a729
any ideas what happening here?
I don't know what happens on the console as I have never had a cable. But in my experience none of the mainline kernels support the eMMC module. if you have an eMMC module, remove it and try again.

To support the eMMC I stick to a 4.4 kernel.
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Maybe something went wrong during the upgrade of the kernel (disk space, bad modules, ...) and all system files have not been updated properly. You eventually can use Ayufan main line build https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-build/releases or switch to other distro.

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