Manjaro Phosh beta6 is working well
(03-02-2021, 01:53 PM)C0ffeeFreak Wrote: They're still a few quarks and bugs but its getting there. It's right behind #1 Mobian and #2 Arch for reliability but still lacks app compatibility.  It appears to be a wayland issue. It seems Mobian and Arch will fallback on X11 if an app won't start in wayland while there is no fallback in Manjaro. Not a lot of Arm64 app comparability that are pure wayland quite yet.

usually there should be a config or environment flag that allows xwayland applications to launch. Just briefly checked that xwayland is installed, but need to investigate the configuration setting

(03-02-2021, 01:16 PM)lsitongia Wrote: I'm finding that beta6 is working well. Really, it's pretty amazing to me. I have Firefox, Thunderbird, connection to my Nextcloud server for Contacts, syncing files over Nextcloud, music, podcasts. Just about all the apps I use on my Manjaro laptop are working on my phone. Pretty amazing.

Google Fi is working for voice, text and data.

The convergence docking bar is working for ethernet, USB, HDMI.

I'm very impressed. I've wanted an alternative to the big private phone hardware companies for a long time. I've played with several alternatives on my old Nexus 4 phone. This PinePhone is very cool. It's really giving me everything I've wanted.

I look forward to a growing community of options for Linux phones, tablets and other hardware.

Congratulations!!! Big Grin

Just out of curiosity: how do you use Thunderbird on the small display of the device? Or is it only used via the USB-C dock on an external display? I'm still investigating choices for email, calendar on Pinephone, cause I found the build-in Phosh apps to be a bit lacking of functionality and UI/UX tbh.

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